Tour: ‘Christo and Jeanne-Claude: A Life of Projects’ tour with Co-owner and Director, David Stern

Christo, Surrounded Islands (Project for Biscayne Bay Greater Miami Florida), executed 1983. Courtesy Stern Pissarro Gallery.

Mr David Stern, co-owner and director of Stern Pissarro Gallery will host a tour of Stern Pissarro Gallery’s exhibition titled Christo & Jeanne-Claude: A Life of Projects. The pioneering and distinctive work of contemporary environmental artists Christo (b. 1935) and his wife Jeanne-Claude (1935-2009) has consistently delighted and thrilled admirers from across the world.  Their innovative and ambitious work – made according to Christo entirely for pleasure – is famously monumental in scale and often both conceals and reveals ‘space’ in new and surprising ways.


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