Virtual Reality Installation: ‘Mundania’ by Jocelyn Anquetil

Jocelyn Anquetil, 'Postcards from Mundania 004' (Digital Still, 2018). Courtesy the artist.

Jocelyn Anquetil, in collaboration with Abby & Alice will present Mundania, a virtual reality installation on Burlington Gardens during the Long Artists’ Lunch. The installation examines the pressures of being a 24-year-old in the 21st century – the need to be the best version of yourself: the happiest, the most successful, the most creative, the most original, the most validated by anonymous tapping of heart shaped buttons on screens. Mundania presents the experience of one girl dreaming of the perfect world. A place where she can sculpt her unique identity in perfect pastel aesthetica. Slowly it engulfs her, bleeding in and out of reality. Until one day, she disappears.


Mundania is an ongoing multidisciplinary project, exploring different disciplines to tell the story from a variety of perspectives. Visit the Long Artists’ Lunch for an opportunity to experience Mundania.


Jocelyn Anquetil is a London-based visual artist and filmmaker whose work explores the ever-blurring lines between live experiences, online and digital media, both conceptually and in process. Surreal and futuristic, yet uncanny; Jocelyn’s hyper-saturated work is heavily influenced by her intrigue in the supernatural and the hyper-sexualised portrayal of female characters in science fiction. Her multi-disciplinary and often immersive works have been exhibited throughout Europe; notably as part of ‘Spheres Ensembles’ (2017) CENT-QUATRE, Paris, ’Enter Through The Headset 2’ (2017) Gazelli Art House, London, and ‘Altered Realities’ (2017) Lethaby Gallery, London. Enter the immersive VR world of Jocelyn’s creation, exploring sexuality, creativity and competitiveness in the age of social media and the need to build an authentic identity for ourselves online.