Workshop: Colour Re-mixing | Emyr Williams

Moses Harris, Prismatic Colour Wheel, 1785. Hand-coloured etching. 192mm.

A colour wheel is a useful model for any artist or designer; a simple intervention to organise the relationship between colours at each end of the spectrum. The classic wheel displays primary, secondary, tertiary colours, compliments and harmonies, not to mention the different temperatures of colour and some of the multifarious shades of each hue.

Join artist Emyr Williams at this drop-in colour mixing workshop inspired by the Moses Harris colour wheels in the RA’s Collection. Use watercolour and learn to create beautiful glazes to control and organise a whole range of colour working through the major colour groups.


The workshop is a component of D i s s e c t i o n s, the UAL arts festival takeover in Burlington Gardens. 


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